Tell Congress to pass legislation reforming the patent system

We Must Stop Drug Companies from Overcharging

Consumers MUST be able to afford the medicines they need to keep them alive and healthy. It’s time we hold drug makers accountable. Many drug makers who hold patents on the drugs they manufacture actually PAY other companies (competitors) so they DON’T come to market with a cheaper option. This allows them to continue to RAISE PRICES on hardworking Americans in desperate need of these drugs and BOOST their corporate PROFITS.

We URGE you to sign and send the letter that puts Congress and the Administration on notice. Reform the Patent System- Increase Competition among Drug Makers or risk reelection in 2020! Let them know YOU support patent reform to increase competition and lower drug prices.

No exceptions. No excuses. No delays. It’s time to put Patients ahead of Profits

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Join Hugh Hewitt, Stephanie Miller, and thousands of fellow Americans in urging Drug Makers to lower their costs.

Citizens for Truth in Drug Pricing is a wide ranging coalition representing tens of thousands of hard working Americans and millions of patients. Our mission is to ensure YOUR voice is heard in urging drug makers to lower their costs.


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