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THE HILL: Competition, not capping increases, is the cure for high drug prices

By Oliver McPherson-Smith and Steve Pociask Soaring prescription drug prices are putting financial pressure on families across the country. In response, state legislators are increasingly considering limits on the annual price increase of prescription drugs. But rather than making drugs more affordable, these policies risk reducing consumer access to cheaper, generic alternatives. In an effort […]

THE FREE PRESS: Prescription drug prices eating up income

By Kathy Sheran It’s been a while since I put my oar in the water on public policy, but there is an important issue that needs a lot of attention from all of us. When the cost of health care keeps growing, but our income stays flat, health care eats up more and more of […]

POLICY & MEDICINE: CMS Administrator Seema Verma Criticizes High Drug Launch Prices

By Thomas Sullivan At the recent Milken Institute’s Future of Health Summit in Washington, DC, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) Administrator Seema Verma spoke about new drug launch prices and posed the question “What is too high?” As reported by FierceHealthcare, Verma discussed Sovaldi, Gilead Sciences’ Hepatitis C cure, that launched at nearly […]

THE HILL: Drug companies spend millions on lobbying as Congress tries to rein in high drug prices

By Jessie Hellmann Prescription drug companies and trade groups shelled out millions of dollars to lobby Congress as it considered legislation aimed at reining in skyrocketing drug prices, according to new lobbying disclosure reports. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) — the trade group representing branded drug companies — spent $6.2 million on […]