THE FREE PRESS: Prescription drug prices eating up income

By Kathy Sheran

It’s been a while since I put my oar in the water on public policy, but there is an important issue that needs a lot of attention from all of us. When the cost of health care keeps growing, but our income stays flat, health care eats up more and more of our family income. This is a serious problem.

What once may have taken 10% of our income starts to take 25% of our income each month or more.

We all know health care is expensive and are not surprised that more of our income has to be set aside for health care. There is more to pay for. People use more hospital services — more tests that help diagnose our problems, more surgeries that resolve hip, knee and heart difficulties and more drugs.

Nevertheless, we have the right to expect we not be gouged or extorted because we need health care and especially the medications prescribed to restore health, or maintain our lives. Medications, like heat, food, and shelter, are basic needs that should not be held hostage by those with the patents, resources and exclusive authority to provide these drugs.

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