USA TODAY: High prescription costs are just one way the Big Pharma drug companies rip us off

By Margarida Jorge and Frank Clemente

Last week’s House vote to rein in skyrocketing prescription drug prices was overdue. Now it’s up to the Senate and President Donald Trump to take action.

Working families and seniors are struggling to pay for the high cost of often life-saving medicines, and have been for years. But price gouging isn’t the only way big drug corporations rip off the American people. Congress needs to stop other abuses, too —starting with the drug industry’s rampant tax dodging.

Anyone who’s filled a prescription lately knows drug prices are out of control. Prices for scores of top drugs have shot up nearly nine times faster than inflation over the past dozen years. And it’s not because the drugs are getting better. Prices of some of the most-prescribed medicines — familiar names like Humira, Lyrica and Truvada — have increased by up to roughly a third, despite no evidence of improved quality.

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